The Best CNC Designs

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CNC is not only a great way to get products made, but also a wonderful form of artistic and designer expression.  At API/AMS, your CNC leader in the Portland and the Pacific Northwest, we want to to take second to appreciate those fine designers, architects and artists who use CNC so well. Please read on to check out some of the very best CNC designs from around the globe.


Artistic CNC Marvels

Artists from all over use CNC to create their visions like these glorious laser cut wooden maps of the United States here, who also feature cities that would look good on any wall. From vast geometric patterns like those of artist Michael Anderson that made waves last week across the internet to 2d to 3d masterpieces like Ronald Walter’s marble machine and towering lamps that would make any space sing. CNC pieces can be simple like this tree wall art or more complex, such as this large typographic based art installation.

CNC in Architecture

Even architects have seen the promise of using and designing with CNC. By adding their eye for modern design features into their worldview, they realized that CNC can help them push the boundaries of their craft.  Check out this dramatic interior design at BanQ, located in South Boston, which was created by Office da, a digital design agency who  used CNC in their design to achieve the soaring and twisting ceiling.    For a different take on using CNC In architecture, have a look at this 1300 square foot home in Denmark done by architects Eentileen and builder Facit, that inventively used 820 sheets of plywoods that were cut by CNC. They  created this sustainable yet inexpensive house which they were able to put together in a month.

CNC-Designed Furniture

Furniture has also long been an outlet for those creative with CNC machines as well. By designing furniture with CNC, it also can make for toolless assembly for many objects, combining good design with ease of setup for the consumer.  From the innovative Open Desk program which “provides free downloads of designer furniture files that you can CNC” to SketchChair, which simplifies custom furnishing design using a great 2d interface, makers all over are helping regular people create their own visions for furniture design.

And Exteriors Too

From firepits to exteriors of all shapes, sizes and designs, designers are also using CNC to make their mark on the outside of buildings and facades. They are also pushing the boundaries of public space as well, like this a vast wooden pavilions like this one in Kobe, Japan.  CNC represents a new way to achieve some of the more cutting-edge design principles out there.  Some are even going farther, and using CNC Driven fabrication techniques with materials like vinyl. For instance  students in the architecture Program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY created this excellent “light canopy” using CNC machine assembly.


We hope you enjoyed this trip through the best of CNC design and it showed how this revolutionary machine can creatives of all sorts realize their vision. If you are looking for CNC machining in Portland or Hillsboro please give us a call today and see what we can do.