Getting to Know the Swiss Screw Machine

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At API/AMS, your choice for machine shop in Portland, we offer our customers the highest quality products, which in turn require the highest quality tools. Enter the Swiss Screw Machine.

First there’s the machine…

Basically– and as API/AMS customers probably know– a screw machine is an automated lathe that makes turned parts. They don’t actually “screw” anything! But they do spin, very quickly– shaving metal down to the required size.

… then the Swiss flavor

A Swiss type screw machine was named after its country of origin, and has been used by watchmakers because of its precision components. The Swiss mounts the work-piece on a rotary slide, rather than mounting the workpiece on a vertical ram like the other type of screw machine, the Turrett type. Of the two types, both their benefits and output are essentially the same, but the Swiss type screw machine stands out at being better at more precise work.

Swiss type screw machines are commonly found in two main subtypes: automatic and CNC. Both can be relatively cost efficient for bigger projects because despite its long-ish set-up time, once fully up and running, the machine can be run by only one operator.

What can’t the Swiss do?

Common products a Swiss type screw machine may create are bolts, screws, hydraulic components, and studs. This type of machine may be used to make products for auto, IT, or consumer electronic industries. As mentioned before, it was originally used to create the designer Swiss watches from its home country, and it can handle a wide array of different types of metals.

At API/AMS, our machining capabilities are vast and varied. We’re excited to see what new projects our customers have for us!