Multi-industry Machining

Centre Drilling The Brake RollerAPI/AMS works with a wide range of industries within and outside of the Portland metro area. Our metal fabrication services are acknowledged both for our precision and our outstanding customer service— we know that our success depends on your success, so you’ll only find the highest quality work from API/AMS. We are proud to offer Multi-industry Machining in Portland and the surrounding areas.

Who do we work with? The list is a long one. Here’s just a small sample of a few industries that benefit from our expertise:

Optical Industry

Optical fabrication requires finely detailed, highly precise metalworking because the components can be extremely small. API/AMS manufactures components that will be used in fiber optics, camera housing, and lasers, working closely with clients to ensure that all parts are to the precise specifications needed.

Wind and Solar Industry

Alternative forms of energy are becoming increasingly important to our economy, and with them, the need for flawless, well constructed components to ensure the safest and most reliable energy resources. API/AMS is one of the leaders in machining components for both the wind and solar industries; our location in the Portland, Oregon metro area, near several sources of wind and solar power, has given us countless opportunities to perfect our skills in energy industry components.

Nautical and Marine Industry

Our close proximity to the Pacific Ocean has also given API/AMS years of experience working for the nautical and marine industries. All our components are Marine grade, or SAE 316 stainless steel, and our experienced customer service professionals know just how to work with you to create the components you need.

Transportation and Automotive Industry

Finally, we have years of experience machining components for members of the transportation and automotive industry. Whether it is an unusual part or a common one, our machinists create metal components of the highest quality out there.

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