Advances In Precision Machining

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As a CNC machine shop in Portland, our staff at American Precision Industries understands that creating custom and precision machine parts requires constant attention to a variety of important details, including scheduling, standards, systems and the advancement of new technologies used in design, tuning, cutting and programming. Fortunately, new innovations, updates and system improvements continue to provide shop owners, technicians and programmers the tools necessary to keep track of the most important details while also staying on the cutting edge of precision manufacturing.

With that in mind, here are a few new tools that caught our attention for setting up, inspecting, grinding, turning, cutting and more.

Expanded Line of Mill/Drill/Tap Centers

Hass Automation’s DM-1 Drill/Mill Center and DT-1 Drill/Tap Center have developed a reputation for accuracy, speed and for the potential to increase throughput while also reducing the amount of floor space required. Hass has now expanded the company’s Mill/Drill/Tap line to include a pair of lean-style, high-speed machining centers in the new DM-2 and DT-2 that have the provide the same fast axis speeds, high acceleration rates and shorter tool replacement times as the smaller the DM-1 and DT-1 models, while also providing an extra 8 inches of table length and X-axis travel with only a minor increase in required floor space.

The increased table size and longer X-axis travel and bigger work envelope can accommodate several fixtures and multi-spindle rotary tables for increased setup flexibility and production.

High-Precision Modular Clamping System

EXSYS Tool Inc. has widened its selection of ultra-high precision products to now feature the pL LEHMANN swissClamp modular clamping system. This improved system will now enable technicians the ability to mount multiple work pieces on machine tool tables for unmanned operations and continuous production.

Compatible for both standard and rotary tables on horizontal and vertical milling machines, the swissClamp modules attach directly on worktables or on faceplates. The new system offers a potential 90mm to 20mm of additional part-clamping range for shops – a 40 percent improvement in capacity when compared to other systems with the same clamping length.

Trouble-Free Cutter For Milling

Sandvik Coromant has released a new end mill for small diameters. Featuring size 07 inserts, the CoroMill 390 offers a versatile cutter that should prove ideal for face milling, slot milling, plunge milling helical and linear ramping, edging, deep shoulder milling and shoulder milling. Compatible for all machine types, the CoroMill is serviceable in mixed production and can be used with a variety of applications and materials. A general CNC machine shop in Portland, as well as specialized shops, like oil and gas component and automotive manufacturers, should be able to benefit from its versatility.

While these are just a few of the latest breakthroughs available to precision machine shops, we will continue to highlight and utilize only the most advanced tools and techniques at American Precision Industries.