Modern computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools have revolutionized precision machining and metal fabrication processes. With CNC machining capabilities on a number of machines, we are able to provide quicker turn-around time and improved quality in the manufacturing of metal products.

American Precision Industries and American Metal Specialties offer some of the industry’s most technologically advanced operating systems to help with CNC routing, CNC milling, and any other CNC machine shop needs. Working closely with customers and constantly aware of the market trends, we continue to evolve our manufacturing capabilities and capital investments to meet customer needs.


American Precision Industries currently runs two high-speed cells, both with robotic part loading and robotic tool change systems for systematic and precise machining. Depending on the part configuration, each cell has a work envelope of approximately 36” x 36” and tool magazine capacities of 240 tools each.

These cells incorporate full fourth axis rotary table machining and multi-sided tombstones, precisely and consistently allowing our team to machine almost any feature you might ever need. Tolerance is frequently held in the tenths on feature size and location. The precise machining cells can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which results in consistent on-time delivery of your precision parts.


At American Precision Industries, our highly flexible CNC mill department utilizes both vertical and multi-axis horizontal CNC milling centers to consistently produce accurate, high-quality results. With over 60” of travel capacity and material size capabilities of approximately 36” x 24”. Our CNC milling department produces a variety of customized products.


We offer a wide variety of CNC turning services, ranging from basic single spindle, two-axis lathes up to multi-spindle five-axis lathes, each with live tooling. Multi-axis turning and live tooling decreases setup time and part handling and greatly improves feature-to-feature accuracy, precision diameter, and critical depth tolerances.

Our CNC turning centers produce high-quality parts as small as a “zero diameter” (tapered point) up to 24 inches in diameter. We frequently hold tolerances in the tenths. Our five-axis lathes, dual spindle mill/turn centers, most with hydrodynamic barfeeds, can fulfill a variety of turning requirements.


Swiss-type screw machines are versatile and able to produce turned parts, rapidly, complete in one operation thus making secondary operations unnecessary. Swiss-type screw machines are able to hold very tight tolerances over long lengths in relation to part diameter.

One area where the Swiss screw machine takes the lead on other turning equipment is the ability to operate multiple tools at the same time, producing complete parts more efficiently. Whether you’re in need of one individual part, multiple parts or an entire assembly, we can help.


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We have 2 convenient locations in the state of Oregon.


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Specializing in CNC precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, metal finishing, assembly and CAD/CAM design, our combined companies operate in over 90,000 square feet, across three manufacturing facilities in Portland, OR.