Shining a Light on Solar Energy

metal fabrication portland

At API/AMS, we have the great privilege to work with some of the most exciting and advanced sectors in the manufacturing industry. From semi-conductor and optical to electronics and energy, our team of talented craftsmen assist in the fabrication of some truly remarkable technology that’s helping to transform the world. One sector we’d like to…

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Without Humans, Robots Would Be Out Of A Job

robotic high speed cells

American Precision Industries, your friendly and local sheet metal machine shop in Hillsboro, OR, finds solutions for a variety of fabrication needs. As an industry at the forefront of automation, we understand the concern many people have that the future of American jobs will be taken by robotic capabilities. But in truth, people are still…

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The History Of Precision Machining

machining in Portland

At American Precision Industries, we have long been fascinated with the history behind precision manufacturing. After all, precision machining in Portland is what we do. But to get a truly historic perspective of where the craft first started in the U.S. you need to pay a visit to the American Precision Museum, which is located…

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A Brief History of Quality Management

Portland machine shop

At our machine shop in Hillsboro, our team at API utilizes some of the industry’s most advanced CNC machining technology to ensure we provide our customers with the best, most precise products possible. It’s our commitment to quality management that places API and our machine shop in Hillsboro among the industry’s best. If you ask…

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The Need for Consistent Finishing Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

machine shop in Portland

When it comes to surface finishing at our machine shop in Portland, our team at API/AMS often find that many clients and even other shops often overlook the importance of this part of the manufacturing process. Mass finishing processes have been widely adopted throughout the industry as the best practice for producing surface finish and…

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