Bysmart Laser

At AMS, we remain committed to using the latest and most advanced technology in the industry. To continue providing our clients with the outstanding results they require, we’ve added the Bystronic Bysmart 4000k watt fiber laser to our CNC precision laser cutting systems.


The Bysmart laser provides our team at AMS with such advantages as:

  • High-speed cutting that uses 8 to 10 kilowatts of laser power.
  • Incredible cutting precision, especially when working with thin to medium sheet thickness.
  • Intuitive process controls make the Bysmart easy to use.
  • Robotic automated bending/forming
  • The ability to cut red metals (copper, brass, bronze, etc.) in addition to standard metals, such as aluminum and steel.

Robotic Automated Bending/Forming Function

The Bysmart also includes a robotic automated bending/forming function. The Bystronic Xpert 40 robot bending machine pulls material directly from the laser and forms the material into the desired design.

This powerful bending automation offers its own unique advantages when combined with the Bysmart laser:

  • High degree of flexibility that meets the individual challenges of a client order.
  • The ability to quickly switch from manual operation to fully automated production in a matter of minutes.
  • Easy-to-use interface allows for fast programming and reprogramming.
  • Designs can be loaded offline without the need for a remote connection.

CNC Precision Laser Cutting Capacity

With the addition of the Bysmart to our CNC precision laser cutting capacity, AMS remains ready to handle the diverse needs of our clients. Our commitment to operating at the highest standards of the laser industry with regards to quality, price, and efficiency ensures you can trust that every project will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Additionally, our new building has an area set aside for dedicated assembly space for customer projects (6000sqf) and above that a reinforced mezzanine storage area for customer JIT & Kanban projects (8000sqf) right next door to our main production building.

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