Surface finishing is a sometimes overlooked part of the manufacturing process. With a focus on quality, we understand finishing is not only limited to dimensional tolerances, but that cosmetics are an important part of the finished product.

Our customers require a number of surface finishes. Whether it's a flat surface requirement or a welded seam that requires a ground radius edge, we provide a broad range of in-house finishing capabilities.


Some parts require a uniform surface finish. This can be accomplished through line graining, which is also known as a "time saver". Line Graining is a process that removes stock from machine-ready blanks using coated abrasives. The process produces a directional pattern on metal surfaces that enhances the appearance and adds to ease of handling.

This process can also greatly increase the adhesion surface of a given part or component. We can quickly remove coarse metal surfaces and provide a clean appearance to your machine-ready blanks for a truly finished look saving time and cost.


An important part of manufacturing is the corrosion resistant process. American Metal Specialties operates a full pretreat line, offering the environmentally-friendly and increasingly required RoHS certified Trivalent process.

American Metal Specialties finishing capabilities also include passivation to spec QQ-P-35 and phosphate processes. Through our approved/ preferred vendor process, American Metal Specialties works closely with a select few plating vendors, further adding to the complete services offered in-house.


  • Electroless nickel
  • Bright nickel
  • Clear and yellow zinc anodizing, class II and class III- in a multitude of colors
  • Black oxide
    • This process is outsourced to vendors with the highest quality standards. Turnaround times may be longer on this service.
  • Anodizing


American Metal Specialties can provide a full range of liquid paint services certifying to Federal Standard 595-c in a wide variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses. Paint coatings are applied to improve product appearance and protection. We can spray almost any base material, depending on the coating that the product requires. After the product is painted, it can be baked for a hardened finish.

Customer paint specifications can include a number of pretreatment processes, from passivate to trivalent chromate, or phosphate and primer spray. American Metal Specialties provides all steps of the painting process in-house. This allows American Metal Specialties to turn parts quickly without relying on an outside source, as well as maintaining the highest in cosmetic and quality levels standards.


Contrasted to liquid paints, powder paint is sprayed as a fine powder with an attached electrical charge. This charge attracts it to the surface being painted, and then the object is baked to harden the paint. Powder coat finishing offers several distinct advantages:


  • Color Variety
  • Durability
  • Better quality
  • Special needs
  • Professional Finish


We offer in-house silk screening. Graphic files can be electronically imported from industry-recognized formats to meet any number of screening needs. AMS uses silk screening to apply ink on top of a finish like painted, powder coated, anodized or even stainless surfaces depending on your needs.


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