The Advantages of High Speed Scanning Technology

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At API/AMS, we don’t believe that the use of high-speed scanning technology simply provides us with a convenient time saving tool. Today’s competitive business environment demand the use of advanced scanning technology to help manage costs, improve efficiency, and reduce product defects. That’s why at our machine shop in Portland, we use Zeiss Contura G2 scanning technology to enable form inspection at maximum speeds and provide high-quality measuring results.

High-Speed Scanning: Ushering in a New Era of Product Efficiency

Historically, product inspection has been a slow, laborious process that drained resources and slowed down the manufacturing process. Far too often manufacturers were required to sacrifice speed and efficiency to ensure that every product that rolled off the line adhered to the highest standard of quality. However, despite the costs, the need to make a quality product demands that full attention be paid to the best practices of quality control.

Fortunately, the advances made to high-speed scanning technology has completed changed the conversation. Manufacturers no longer need to sacrifice efficiency to meet the needs of quality control. Now, the use of intelligent scanning technology eliminates many of the risks that come from product or design flaws that arise when combined with the need to increase production time.

Quality management can remain at the forefront of the manufacturing process, without needing to make any sacrifice in terms of speed or efficiency.

Benefits of High-Speed Scanning Technology

Precise and efficient product production is the hallmark of a successful manufacturing business. Intelligent high-speed scanning technology provides API/AMS with a competitive edge in capture information at the speed of business.

By employing the use of high speed scanner, API can help our partners achieve a number of important benefits that include:

  • Reduced operating costs – Intelligent scanning technology reduces manual inspection costs. Less reliance of manual inspection also means a decreased risk of any errors or product defects.
  • Faster data delivery – High speed scanners can quickly process information and provide up-to-the-minute data on product production and manufacturing goals.
  • Fewer interruptions – Production delays cost money. With intelligent high-speed scanners, businesses can expect fewer disruptions since the technology helps to facilitate an accelerated process.

Product Quality You Can Count On

Modern computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools have revolutionized precision machining and metal fabrication processes. With CNC machining capabilities on a number of machines, we are able to provide quicker turn-around time and improved quality in the manufacturing of metal products.

At our Portland machine shop, American Precision Industries and American Metal Specialties offers some of the industry’s most technologically advanced operating systems to help with CNC routing, CNC milling, and any other CNC machine shop needs. Working closely with customers and constantly aware of the markets trends, we continue to evolve our manufacturing capabilities and capital investments to meet customer needs.

As the demands of business continue to increase, you can count on the team at API/AMS to stay on the cutting-edge of manufacturing. Improved efficiency and a reduction in production errors, that’s the API/AMS difference we provide customers at our Portland machine shop.