A Brief History of Lasers in Manufacturing

laser cutting services in Portland

As an experienced provider of laser cutting services in Portland, our team at APIAMS have experienced firsthand the exceptional technological advances that have occurred in the manufacturing industry. With the recent addition of the Bysmart Laser to our inventory of advanced machining and manufacturing equipment, our capacity to meet our customer’s needs continues to grow.…

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Adapting to the New Normal In Manufacturing

machine shop in Hillsboro

Even as the effects of COVID-19 continue to ripple across the U.S. and the world, many day-to-day activities have already started to resume. Municipalities across the U.S. have begun the slow but steady process of reopening businesses, including the manufacturing sector. However, with the promise of reopening also comes the inevitable changes that will need…

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Assessing COVID’s Impact on Manufacturing

precision machining in Portland

Thanks to COVID-19, the need for precision machining in Portland and around the U.S. has been greatly reduced. At API/AMS, we’ve proudly operated as a custom manufacturing partner for businesses located throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years. While the future of the manufacturing industry after COVID remains unknown, you can count of API/AMS…

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Identifying the Most Important CAD Trends of 2020

CAD portland

CAD technology and trends have evolved significantly over the last year, not to mention the last decade. Commonly, manufacturers will hear terms like machine learning, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence thrown around when it comes to CAD trends, but how much do these types of advancements really apply to how you run your business and…

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2020 Trends in CNC Machining

CNC machine shops

In the U.S., custom manufacturing has fought to gain its place within the manufacturing sector. While the price of precision equipment has continued to decrease, the development of a skilled workforce capable of running such equipment has failed to keep pace. For most shops, their workforce of machinists remains central to how they grew their…

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