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The Advantages of High Speed Scanning Technology

Portland machine shop

At API/AMS, we don’t believe that the use of high-speed scanning technology simply provides us with a convenient time saving tool. Today’s competitive business environment demand the use of advanced scanning technology to help manage costs, improve efficiency, and reduce product defects. That’s why at our machine shop in Portland, we use Zeiss Contura G2…

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The Advantages of Outsourcing Precision Machining

precision CNC machine shop in Hillsboro

As a precision CNC machine shop in Hillsboro, our team at API/AMS understand the incredibly fast pace the manufacturing industry continues to set. Keeping up with the demands of your clients requires staying up-to-date on the latest advances in manufacturing, while still producing the highest quality products possible. To keep your current customers happy, prevent…

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Shining a Light on Solar Energy


At API/AMS, we have the great privilege to work with some of the most exciting and advanced sectors in the manufacturing industry. From semi-conductor and optical to electronics and energy, our team of talented craftsmen assist in the fabrication of some truly remarkable technology that’s helping to transform the world. One sector we’d like to…

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Looking Back at the Birth of CAD

advanced precision machining

While we remain committed to using some of the most advanced precision machining technology at API, many outside of our industry may be surprised to learn that the computer-aided design (CAD) programs we use today have been the standard for more than a decade. Perhaps even more surprisingly, nearly all of these types of programs…

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The History Of Precision Machining

machining in Portland

At American Precision Industries, we have long been fascinated with the history behind precision manufacturing. After all, precision machining in Portland is what we do. But to get a truly historic perspective of where the craft first started in the U.S. you need to pay a visit to the American Precision Museum, which is located…

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