Meeting the Challenges of Supply Chain Chaos

From material shortages to altered shipping routes, it’s no secret that manufacturers in every sector are experiencing the pain of the global supply chain chaos. This, along with inflation and soaring prices, is making it harder for businesses to maintain profits. With so much upheaval impacting manufacturers throughout the world, at AMS, a machine shop…

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Looking Back at the Birth of CAD

CAD portland

While we remain committed to using some of the most advanced precision machining technology at AMS, many outside of our industry may be surprised to learn that the computer-aided design (CAD) programs we use today have been the standard for more than a decade. Perhaps even more surprisingly, nearly all of these types of programs…

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The Advantages of Partnering with a Turnkey Services Provider

turnkey assembly services

Our team’s turnkey assembly services at AMS offer clients a quality product at an affordable rate. Whether you’re manufacturing sheet metal paneling with mounting hardware or more complex machines and fabricated assembly with many components, our turnkey assembly services can meet your manufacturing needs. Once your business spends the resources designing a schematic, the last…

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A Brief History of Lasers in Manufacturing

laser cutting services in Portland

As an experienced provider of laser cutting services in Portland, our team at APIAMS have experienced firsthand the exceptional technological advances that have occurred in the manufacturing industry. With the recent addition of the Bysmart Laser to our inventory of advanced machining and manufacturing equipment, our capacity to meet our customer’s needs continues to grow.…

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Adapting to the New Normal In Manufacturing

machine shop in Hillsboro

Even as the effects of COVID-19 continue to ripple across the U.S. and the world, many day-to-day activities have already started to resume. Municipalities across the U.S. have begun the slow but steady process of reopening businesses, including the manufacturing sector. However, with the promise of reopening also comes the inevitable changes that will need…

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