Looking for a Turnkey Solution? Try One of Our Assembly Services

Portland, Oregon sub-assembly department At American Precision Industries and American Metal Specialties, assembly services always meet our high quality standards while making the job easier for you. Our services cover simple fabrications as well as complex assemblies and a wide range of of components and hardware– all fully assembled for customer use.


Our relationships = your savings

Because of our strong relationships with other vendors, we are able to offer our customers a multitude of manufacturing and assembly choices, and our Portland, Oregon sub-assembly department reduces your production costs while delivering your high-quality product in a time-effective manner.

Bundled for convenience and cost effectiveness

Our kitting capabilities allow us to provide our customers with not only quick turn production but assemblies of a wide variety of parts at production run quantities. We offer rapid delivery to multiple locations, customized packaging, and reduced freight and inventory cost. Learn more here.

Looking for more reasons to work with API/AMS?

American Precision Industries and American Metal Specialties is always seeking out ways to make our manufacture and delivery of high quality product easy and cost effective for our customers. We offer:

  • Drop shipping directly to distribution centers of end users using our personal fleet of box trucks and vans
  • Just-in-time inventory systems for last minute shipping needs
  • Partnering with our customers to utilize product demand forecasts so your time and resources are used most effectively
  • Blanket POs– your assembly can be finished with just one purchase order!

More questions?

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