Shining a Light on Solar Energy

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At API/AMS, we have the great privilege to work with some of the most exciting and advanced sectors in the manufacturing industry. From semi-conductor and optical to electronics and energy, our team of talented craftsmen assist in the fabrication of some truly remarkable technology that’s helping to transform the world.

One sector we’d like to shine a little light on this month is rising popularity of solar energy. Over the last few years, solar has quickly become one of the most popular forms of renewable energy, and has seen production and investment skyrocket as industry continues its move away fossil fuels.

Homeowners in particular have taken to the use of solar panels in an effort to lower utility costs and to make an environmental impact. Solar panels have changed the way people live, and the technology only promises more innovation as it continues to evolve.

If you’re wondering why solar power has become so popular, here are a few reasons why the future of this form of renewable energy seems so bright.

Low Production Cost

Lower production costs for solar panels means that homeowners and businesses can generate more power for less money. Getting more out of an investment than you put in tends to make investing in solar a great proposition. Therefore, the drop in price for solar panels that has occurred in recent years has made them far more attractive to both the private and public sector.

No Maintenance Cost

Once solar panels have been installed, there’s almost no maintenance costs. After the first year, you may need to do some slight service to clean off dirt or replace wires that may have become frayed due to weather, but that’s it. Low installation costs combined with almost no maintenance makes solar panels an incredibly affordable option.

Reliable Renewable Energy

Solar panels offer a consistent source of clean, renewable energy. They offer the same means of collecting energy as plants use, directly from photons emitted by the sun’s light. Generating energy for 12 hours a day means that you don’t have to buy any fuel to generate electricity the same way you do with a thermoelectric generator. Once again, solar panels continue to prove their worth.

Lower Utility Bills for Homeowners

Depending on where you live in the country, you’re probably use to paying high heating or cooling costs. Solar panels help to ensure that when you cool your home, you’re doing it for free. The same sun light that makes your home feel unbearably warm is same source of power your solar panels will use to run the AC.

Increased Home Value

Home that feature solar panels become instantly more valuable and easier to sell. Just like adding new cabinets and granite countertops to your kitchen helps to add resell value and interest from potential buyers, solar paneling on your roof or backyard offers a similar level of enticement.

Incentives Available

Government on both the national and local level offer incentives for homeowners to install solar paneling. While the types of programs that are available vary depending on the region in which you live, applying for these types of incentives can make it even more affordable to add solar panels to your home.


While solar energy is just one of the many sectors that we work in at API/AMS, this particular industry offers a great deal of promise for how technology will continue to shape the world we live in. Staying committed to the latest advances in technology is just one of the many ways how API/AMS continues to stay at the forefront of manufacturing.